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Dance & drama performances

Drama Festival 2013

Rye College mounted it’s first Drama Festival last week.

During this two day festival, scenes from plays such as Gregory’s Girl by Bill Forsyth, Too Much Punch for Judy by Mark Wheeler and Humbleboy by Charlotte Jones were performed with skill and polish by students, both to their peers during the day and to family and friends in the evenings.

The audience were hugely entertained by the fantastic comic performances of The Perils of Pauline, Monach and The Musicians and impressed with the naturalistic acting of The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty by David Calcutt and Shut Up by Andrew Payne.

The festival was run by the GCSE Performing Arts students who are assessed on their professional conduct in front of house and backstage roles. It was a culmination of work created in class and extracurricular clubs. Head of Drama, Sarah Wall, would especially like to thank Entertainment Workshop for doing the sound and lighting and the P.T.A. for organising the refreshments.

Videos featured on the Rye & Battle Observer website

Summer Showcase

Friday 6th July

Year 10 GCSE Performing Arts students mounted a Summer Showcase in the Saville Studioson Friday 6th July. Around 50 Dance and Drama students entertained a hundred strongaudience of family and friends. The event programme included items from Junior and SeniorDance Companies, the Mon & Weds after college Drama clubs, the lunchtime Rye College GleeClub along with GCSE Drama pieces. Students from yr. 7 to 10 worked together to create apolished performance which ranged in style & genre enabling students to display sensiblenaturalistic acting skills or contemporary dance techniques as well as comedy sketches. The GleeClub led the whole company in a energetic finale of the popular Grease Mega Mix.Congratulations to the following students for taking responsibility for the front of house, stagemanagement, wardrobe, programme + ticket design and box office: Ilona Dearden, LydiaGilbert, Jesse Dudley, Mattie Rule, Natalie Dieti, Bobby March, Lowena West, Carrie Bryant,Georgie Scaulon Coutts and Anouska Armstrong Smith. These students have been assessed aspart of their Performing Arts GCSE course yet again proving they can achieve the highest
standards of professional conduct to progress their portfolios.

Rye College Presents: 'Our Day Out'

8th & 9th March 2012

March saw Rye College students from Years 7 to 10 took part in a production of WillyRussell's musical 'Our Day Out'. The musical tells the story of Mrs Kay's 'ProgressClass,' a remedial class of London school children who are unleashed for a day's coachtrip to Bodiam Castle in Sussex. The play is an exuberant celebration of the joys andagonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen and free from school. But this ismore than a romp—it points up the depressive present and empty future for thesecomprehensive no-hopers from the back streets of London, for whom a day out is asmuch as they can expect. As with all Rye College Drama Productions, the studentsdemonstrated a wide variety of skills in the Performing Arts including acting, group andsolo singing as well as choreographed numbers. Many of the talented cast were Year 10GCSE Drama students who were assessed in their roles for their exam, as well as Year 10and 11 GCSE Performing Arts students who designed tickets and programmes, as well asrunning the box office and front of house, along with being in charge of sound andlighting, all providing excellent evidence for their portfolio. The GCSE students werealso joined by a cast of Year 7, 8 and 9 students who have been rehearsing twice aweek after school since September and it is obvious that there is a lot of talent andpotential in many of these younger students. Students will now be working on aPerforming Arts Show Case, which will be performed in the summer term. Theproduction was a collaboration between Rhiannon Chillingworth and Head of DramaSarah Wall, who would both like to thank the students in the cast for their hard work and dedication, as well as the staff of Rye College who supported the production.

REFLECTIONS Performing Arts Performance

28th April 2011

A varied programme of Drama, song and contemporary Dance exploring the concept of Reflections which included scenes from plays, improvised drama, original dance work and solo and duet singing performances. This evening's performance was produced by The Contemporary Company, a group of year 11 students who selected the pieces to perform for their Performing Arts GCSE. These accomplished performers will all gain high grades for this work.

From Page to Stage

Congratulations to Year 11 GCSE Drama students who performed ‘From Page to Stage’, a programme of performances from contemporary plays. The visiting examiner enjoyed extracts from: ‘Citizenship’ by Mark Ravenhill, ‘Liar’ by Gregory Burke, ‘Mother Figure’ by Alan Ayckbourne, ‘Shakers’ by Jane Thornton & John Godber, ‘Humble Boy’ by Charlotte Jones and ‘Too Much Punch For Judy’ by Mark Wheeler. Year 10 Performing Arts students worked as stage crew, technical crew and front of house. This is the last of six different public performances presented by this group of students during their two year GCSE course. I’d like to thank them for their outstanding contribution to Drama in performing: A Christmas Carol, Teechers, Blood Brothers, Ypres Towers Promenade Performance, Vackees and Christmas Street Theatre - Mrs Wall

Review of the Rye College production ‘Into the Woods’

On the 9th March Rye College students performed the Stephan Sondheim musical ‘Into the Woods’ in the new Saville Studios. The cast mostly consisted of Year 9 students who are gifted and talented in the disciplines of Drama, Dance and Singing and the production offered an opportunity to give the students a new challenge.

The narrative of ‘Into the Woods’ is based on a mixture of famous fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack in the Beanstalk. This gave the students the chance to create a fairy tale set, as well as their own bright and colourful costumes.

All students performed to a high standard, representing the professionalism Rye College productions are known for. Students were also given the opportunity to give their own interpretation of the musical and showcase their individual talents, for example, a selection of Contemporary Dance numbers were included, which showcased the dancing talent of specific students. There were also many solo singing opportunities, which gave students a chance to display their ability in that area. The whole performance was brought alive by the drama skills the students displayed, ensuring that the audience were fully engaged in the unfolding story.

Year 10 GCSE Performing Arts students were in charge of running the Front of House, refreshments, as well as the sound and lighting, which will all contribute towards their GCSE portfolio. The students displayed a sensible and professional attitude throughout.

The play was directed by Head of Drama, Sarah Wall, with the Musical Direction by Rhiannon Chillingworth and the Choreography by Head of Dance, Liz Daines. They would like to thank all the students involved in making the production such a success, as well as the parents of the students who supported it.

Performing Arts Showcase

14thDecember 2010

Eighty GCSE Dance and Dramas tu dents were involved in this showcase of the term's practical work. Year 10 Drama students performed their devised work inspired by John Godber's play Shakers and the year 11's their version of his play Teechers. Both performances were slick, comic pieces in which the students worked tightly as ensembles. The Dance pieces included powerful trios based on Swan song and original student choreographies. Both year groups also performed large class pieces choreographed by head of Dance Liz Daines.

Blood Brothers

Week beginning the 15th October, Rye College performed its version of the West End smash hit 'Blood Brothers.' The play explores many serious themes, such as social class, and was a very ambitious undertaking for the students of Rye College. It was the first performance to take place in Rye College's 'Saville Studio,' a new Dance and Drama studio. The small numbers each night and the studio setting enabled the audience to be up close and personal to the performers, so every nuance of emotion could be captured. Over 50 students from ages 12 to 16 took part in the production, either with main speaking parts, or as part of the all-singing, all-dancing Company and every student gave a polished and professional performance, both on stage and behind the scenes. The students had been working for 6 months, several hours a week after school, to create the slick and professional quality of the production. The cast involved many GCSE Drama, Dance and Performing Arts students, all of who can use their experience in the production to count as part of their GCSE. The back stage crew were all made up of Year 10 and 11 GCSE Performing Arts students, who controlled everything from sound and lighting, to refreshments, front of house and stage management, giving them an excellent opportunity to experience the variety of ways they could work in a theatre professionally. The production was created by collaboration between Director Sarah Wall, the Head of Drama, Choreographer Liz Daines, the Head of Dance and Musical Director, Rhiannon Chillingworth. As always, Dianah Bennett supported the production by being in charge of the box office and managing the front of house.

Promenade Performances

Saturday 17th July - Students in role as characters from Alice in Wonderland performed a promenade performance of The Mad Hatters Fair Trade Tea Party at the College Fete. Other students were in role as American Tourists, interacting with the public to create a comic promenade style piece of Performance work. This was devised by Oliver Dickinson as part of his Silver Arts award.

Site Specific Drama - Ypres Tower

Saturday 3rd July - Drama students devised and performed a specially commissioned piece of Promenade Drama as part of an English and Drama collaboration. In role as prisoners and guards the students were a living history addition to The Ypres Tower in Rye.

GCSE Expressive Arts

April 2010. Congratulations to all year 9 students for performing or exhibiting their Graspers Arts work to the examiner.

GCSE Drama

Tuesday 30th March 2010. Year 11 students performed their scripted pieces to the moderator. Congratulations - all students gained A*, A or B grades.

Little White Lies

Thursday 25th March 2010. Year 11 GCSE Performing Arts students performed their devised piece 'Little White Lies' to a selected audience. This was an original performance in which the students integrated acting, singing and dance. The examiner praised the students for their strong ensemble work and for a professional, polished performance

The Vackees

Weds 17th March - Fri 19th March 2010 - Rye College staged a polished production of a 1940’s play ‘The Vackees’ this week. Sixty students ranging from Year 7 to Year 10 have spent six months rehearsing and developing their characters. Students involved delivered a mature and convincing performance. Year 8 students performed some fantastic ensemble sections and older students shined in leading roles. Year 10 GCSE Performing Arts students have spent their lessons developing and creating costumes, hair and make-up ideas, set, props and backdrop as well as ticket and programme design. Students delivered a matinee performance to local senior citizens and local primary school students, as well as two evening performances. Directors, Rhiannon Bennett and Sarah Wall would like to thank the cast for all their hard work and dedication, Dyllis Meyer from Rye Players for costume loan and Dianah Bennett for her support of the production.


Thursday 17 December 2009 - Twenty drama students worked towards their Arts award by rehearsing and performing a Street Theatre production of Aladdin. Christmas shoppers stopped to enjoy their enthusiastic re-telling of this popular pantomime.


Wednesday 16 December 2009 – Year 11 Performing Arts students entertained the children at The Peacocke Nursery with their short production of Cinderella.

Christian poetry

Tuesday 15 December 2009 – Students from all year groups performed Christian poetry as part of our Carol Service at St. Mary’s Church.

Promenade drama and performance poetry

Saturday 5 December 2009 – Forty drama students performed promenade drama and performance poetry on the High Street in Rye before joining the Bloco in the Rye Winter Parade.

Charity dance performance

Thursday 3 December 2009 – Year 10 Dance students participated in a charity dance performance at The Sinden Theatre, Tenterden; helping to raise £850 for MacMillian Cancer Care.

Dance dash

Friday 13 November 2009 – Dance Dash. Dance students raised £225 for Children in Need by performing at as many local primary schools as they could fit into one day.

Expressive Arts Showcase

Monday 13 July2009 – GCSE Expressive Arts Showcase. A wonderful exhibition and showcase of art, film, animation, drama, street theatre, dance, photography, site specific dance and performance art. A celebration of 140 Year 9 students projects.

The flies

Friday 10 July 2009 – ‘The Flies’. A Key Stage 3 Gifted and Talented Production of a one act play inspired by the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’. – Sophisticated acting from a young cast.

Scenes & sketches

Saturday 4 July 2009 – Scenes and Sketches. Drama students from all years performed a selection of items on our outside performance arena as part of the Fete.

The Demon Headmaster

Wednesday 6 May 2009 – The Demon Headmaster. Students from all year groups performed in this dramatic play. There were great performances from all this ensemble piece.

Rye College Dance Performance

Friday 24 April 2009 – Rye College Dance Performance. Students from all year groups performed Dance work created in lessons as well as extra curricular in a varied evening programme.

Into the Woods

Wednesday 1 April 2009 – Rye College Performing students put on a production of ‘Into the Woods’. The play was based on ideas from Stephen Sondheim’s musical and was well acted by the Year 10 cast who skillfully bought to life all the old familiar fairy tale characters.

Le Bistro

Wednesday 25 March 2009 – ‘Le Bistro’. Devised Drama Production by Year 11 students. Inspired by John Godber’s play ‘Shakers’. This GCSE ensemble piece is an innovative production using physical theatre techniques. It brings to life a French restaurant, Le Bistro. The GCSE examiner enjoyed the production along with family and friends of the performers. Many students gained A grades for their acting.

Women’s World Day

Friday 5 March 2009 – Senior Dance Company performed for the second year running for the congregation of The Women’s World Day of Prayers at out local church.

Alice in Wonderland

Saturday 13 February 2009 – Students from Rye College brought Lewis Carroll’s classic novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ alive with an original script that took the novel from the Victorian countryside to the swinging 60’s. The students involved were from Years seven, eight and nine and an energetic, humorous and mature performance was delivered by all involved.

Shut Up

Thursday 15 October 2008 – ‘Shut Up’ by Andrew Payne. Year 11 Drama Production. Four students gained A* grades for their performances in this National Theatre Youth Connections play.

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