About your CV

Sometimes when applying to college, you will need to write your CV, you should remember it is selling you, and you should include your most relevant, positive attributes. Therefore, any extra information should only be included if you feel that it will be of interest to the reader or of benefit to you.

Personal contact information

Name, address, contact details (home and mobile telephone numbers, email address), employment history if you have been working (part time / weekend jobs) and education.

Employment history

Only include if you have worked before e.g. weekend / part time / holiday job. This should be presented in reverse date order and show dates, name and town of employer, your job title and general duties and responsibilities.

Try to show achievements if possible, including facts and figures or even just praise from your manager.


Again, display in reverse date order and show dates, name of school(s) and locations. Show subjects studied and grades if you feel that they are positive - remember it is your CV, so if you are not comfortable with certain grades from the past, you do not need to include them on your CV unless requested to do so.

Hobbies / interest

Don't worry too much about this section. Perhaps, you do not feel that your hobbies are interesting or you may not have had time for interests outside of school. The section should be towards the end of you CV and should only be a few words long anyway, so if you enjoy literature and walking, you can write that. You may find that your employer brings it up and you discover at interview that you share a favourite author. This section serves mainly as a conversation topic at interview or is ignored.

Download example CV 1

Download example CV 2

Read though our example CV and then change it into your own.

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