How to use the 'Your Money Matters' textbook

Welcome to Your Money Matters. The book found below will help students make informed choices about managing their money, now and in the future.

There are six chapters on topics that are relevant to students. Each starts with a question, which the information included in the chapter will help you answer.

In each chapter, you will find:


The information icon highlights key and useful information on the chapter topic.

Did you know?

Look out for the exclamation mark icons, which will give interesting facts on the subject area.


The pencil icon indicates there is an activity for students to complete to help build students knowledge and understanding of the information students have read.


The discussions provide an opportunity for students to talk to their classmates about the topic areas and give their opinion on key information within the chapter.

Case study

The case studies let students examine real-life situations in more details and decide what they think the best course of action is.


Students will find questions at the end of each section. The questions are an opportunity for them to apply the knowledge they have gained through the information and check their understanding.

What have you learnt?

Each chapter reviews learning with a "What have you learnt?" section, which include summary activities and case studies for students to complete, drawing on the knowledge they have gained throughout the chapter.

Further your knowledge

At the end of each chapter, there is an additional section which includes further and more detailed information about the subject area, and extension activities to stretch your learning.

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