Year 11 December Mock Exams 2021

Useful links to help revision

Revision techniques: Interleaving and spacing

Revision and study skills: Retrieval practice

Exam Season Guidance & Tips

Art / Photography

BBC bitesize page explains the Assessment Objectives:


English Language & Literature



We recommend the following revision guides, which have been designed to support our AQA History 9-1 course.

Paper 1
Germany - Revision Guide 1 / Revision Guide 2

World War 1 - Sadly no revision guides tailored to this course are available to purchase at the moment, we hope that these will be coming soon. In the meantime, Mrs Richford has put together a workbook which students can use to revisit the topics studied. Click here to view.

Paper 2
Medicine - Revision Guide 1 / Revision Guide 2

Norman England - Revision Guide 1 / Revision Guide 2

Many websites also offer support for students. BBC Bitesize and Senaca have proven to be very helpful to students, as can sites such as YouTube as methods of revisiting key concepts which have caused confusion. Mrs Richford is running after school revision sessions and is keen to help if there are any issues.


Physical Education


All students have revision guides and workbooks for both Core and Additional Sciences.

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