Rye SMART is about creating a ‘can do’ culture in our schools that focuses pupils and students on what are the essential aspects to succeeding, not only in school, but outside as well. We focus students on Standards; Mindset; Attributes; Rye Community; and, Teaching & Learning.

We believe students who engage with these five ‘pillars’ not only grow the confidence to become more effective and thoughtful learners but also develop life skills that serve them well whether they go on to further education, employment or training. Rye SMART encourages students to see success as an active process based on their participation and engagement with education.

Rye SMART is not only for students but all members of our ‘Rye Community’ – we ask of our students what we ask of our families and what we ask of ourselves. In this way, Rye SMART involves all the adults in a child’s life and recognises that family, as well as school, is critical to a successful education.

What is Rye SMART?

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