Summary Statement - Summer Camp 2021

In accordance with the conditions of the funding we have provided below brief details of our summer camp.

Our summer camp ran for 5 days between 23rd August to 27th August 2021.

We used an external provider to work with us to organise the logistics and deliver the camp.

The external provider’s fees per student were £298.50 per week. Within this they provided:

i. Teachers to conduct Maths and English lessons;

ii. Structured programme of study;

iii. Stationary, workbooks, drawstring bag, scientific calculator and reusable water bottles;

iv. Drama and ice breaker activities;

v. Fitness activities;

vi. Marketing – Inform and register students for the Summer School programme;

vii. PC Tablets;

viii. Assessments;

ix. One Day Trip;

x. Catering for all students and staff attending the programme;

xi. First aid staff;

xii. Administrative staff.

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