Public examinations begin in earnest Thursday, 9th May. We hope that all of our Year 11 students have a positive and impressive start to the public exams. Students have worked hard and now have the end in sight. We are proud of their application and attitude, and the students should be too.



Term 6 masterclasses

Next term the public exams continue for two more weeks, ending on Friday, 14th June. The full timetable can be found here. With this in mind, we continue to be fully committed to supporting our students achieve their best in these exams.


Year 11 students will continue their normal timetable. Students should attend their subject lessons as per their timetable.

When the subject’s examination programme has been finished, students will be able to undertake personal study/revision in these lessons.


In addition to the normal timetable, during term 6, there will be bespoke revision masterclasses for Year 11 students. These masterclasses will provide opportunities for students to prepare for the subject examinations.


Please note that all Year 11 students attending masterclasses and exams must be in their normal school uniform.