Remote Study

We are providing ‘remote study’ for students via ClassCharts and, where appropriate, Office 365 email. Students are expected to check ClassCharts regularly for updates.

Students will be asked to upload their work for feedback via Office 365 email or Office 365 Sharepoint.

Students have been provided with their passwords and received instructions on how to use ClassCharts and Office 365. If any family has forgotten or needs further advice around using both these programs, please contact the school via

Where families do not have access to the Internet, students will be provided with hard-copies of the materials.

During these exceptional times, Rye College continues to be focused on securing bright futures for all of our students. We are absolutely committed to support our students in partnership with our families, as a community, in maintaining their progress and learning as effectively as possible during a potentially extended closure.

We have an expectation that work will be:

  • Set by staff frequently and regularly;
  • Communicated in an effective way – via ClassCharts and, where appropriate, Office 365;
  • Appropriate and relevant to student needs;
  • Can be completed independently and remotely;
  • Completed in full by students;
  • Monitored and responded to by teachers.

Students, supported by their families, should endeavour to maintain the routines of a normal day to allow their learning and development to remain on track. This includes taking time out from remote study to relax, exercise, pursue hobbies and other pastimes, and maintain mental well-being.

How often and how much?   

While the school is closed, Rye College will continue to educate our students remotely. However, we recognise that families are faced with considerable pressure. Consequently, we have modified our expectations to support families.

Our focus for remote study will be on the core subjects for Key Stage 3 students and examination subjects for Key Stage 4 students. Year 9 students will study their option subjects for Key Stage 4.

The amount of work set for each subject will reflect the weighting each subject receives in the normal timetable:

Subject Expected hours per week:
Year 7 & 8
Expected hours per week:
Year 9 & 10
Mathematics 4 4
English 4 4
Combined Science 3 3*
Triple Science   4*
History 2 3*
Geography 2 3*
French 2 3*
All other subjects   3*

* = option subjects in Key Stage 4

Year 9

From Monday, 20th April 2020, Year 9 students will study their Key Stage 4 option subjects alongside the core curriculum. Students will note that the classes they are assigned to in ClassCharts will change to reflect their option choices.

The work will introduce and develop students’ knowledge of the content of their GCSE and equivalent qualifications.

Year 10

Year 10 students should continue to prepare for their GCSE and equivalent qualifications by revising as per their timetables. Some practical subjects, such as Sports Science and Art, will set theory-based work.

How can families help?   

  • Ensure your son/daughter can access all the websites listed below and know passwords
  • Check the Classcharts homework calendar and discuss what work has been set
  • Talk with your son/daughter about their work and the importance of completing work set
  • Help your son/daughter manage their time
  • Praise your son/daughter for successful completion of the work
  • Contact, if there are any queries regarding any aspect of their child’s education, learning and welfare
  • Parents of students with an Education, Health and Care Plan will be contacted by a member of the Learning Support Department who will make them aware of how they can seek ongoing support with their child’s remote learning.


Staff Families Students

Set work:

  • That is released to students on a regular and frequent basis, in accordance with their timetable – please do not blanket set work in advance, this could be overwhelming and cause confusion.  
  • Place this on Classcharts – including if referencing other software / websites.  
  • Ensure that it is clear how the work will be submitted (including for those students that do not have a laptop/PC access).  

Monitor progress:  

  • Check email/Firefly and respond to queries from students/ parents about work related issues that arise within 24 hours (school days).  
  • Provide feedback where relevant/appropriate.  
  • Use the school rewards system to recognise good/excellent work.  
  • Should a student not respond to the work set - email them with expectations.  
  • Should a student not respond following your email - contact relevant Director of Learning with your concerns.  

Alert the school if they do not have Internet access and/or access to a PC/laptop at home so that the school can provide hard copy work packs.  

  • Check the work set on Classcharts to ensure that your child has understood what is expected  
  • Discuss any issues with your child and raise any concerns with the teacher via email ( - whilst understanding there may not be an immediate response.  
  • Be able to contact a member of SEND team for additional assistance if their Child has an Education Health and Care Plan.
  • Inform your child’s teacher if the task has not been completed properly/fully and confirm the reason for this. 
  • Help your child to plan their day.  


Ensure that they have informed their tutor if they do not have Internet access and/or access to a PC/laptop at home so that the school can provide hard copy work packs 

  • Check the work set daily on Classcharts 
  • Complete all work set to the high standards expected in class and from homework  
  • Ensure that the task is understood and ask for help via email (or teams if the work has been set up in that way)
  • Complete the work in the manner set, upload if required as requested for feedback.  
  • Inform your parent/carer if the task has not been completed and ask them to write to your teacher to explain – exceptional circumstances only  
  • If you are unsure about your work email your teacher  


Resources and websites

Resource and/or website  


Staff will set work for students to complete using ClassCharts. Students will gain access to resources and links here. Any problems regarding access and/or passwords, please email
Office 365:
email and SharePoint

Students will be able to submit work using their Office 365 accounts. Staff will indicate whether they wish work sent via email or uploaded onto SharePoint folders. Any problems regarding access and/or passwords, please email 

Click here for a short tutorial on Office365 SharePoint.

Rye College website:
Year 11 examination advice and guidance. Subject specific revision resources and links.

Rye College website:
Key Stage 3 Knowledge Curriculum

An overview of the curriculum offer across the Key Stage 3 subjects. Please refer to support your child in focusing their work.
Seneca Learning A range of subjects are available for free.
SAM Learning All year groups can work independently on a range of subjects. Students have their user names and passwords. Any problems regarding access and/or passwords, please email
Tassomai Learning

 In order to access the platform, students should follow the following steps:

Choose the correct content option from the dropdown menu;

  • Year 7 select Rye College Year 7
  • Year 8 select Rye College Year 8
  • Year 9 (Mrs Fountain & Mr Rickard’s classes) select Rye College Year 9 Separate Higher
  • Year 9 (Mrs Gasson & Mrs Moore’s classes) select Rye College Year 9 Trilogy Foundation
  • Year 10 Triple Science select Rye College Year 10 separate Higher
  • Year 10 Combined Science (Mr Rickard & Miss Abraham’s classes) select Rye College Trilogy Foundation
  • Year 10 Combined Science (Mr Franks, Mrs Fountain & Mrs Moore’s classes) select Rye College Trilogy Higher.

Once you are registered, you will see a screen called daily goal. You should select a topic and take the quiz. The platform works best if you complete a minimum of four daily goals each week.

BBC Bitesize Revision A range of different subjects. Specific GCSE revision materials available.


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